Your Tractor’s Equipment Is Vital

This is vital for your sanity! If you are going to live in a Semi, even if only 2 nights a week don’t do it without all the Creature Comforts known to man!

* You need a Refrigerator.

* You may want a Microwave (I do not).

* You’ll need a Flat Screen TV Mount.

* Do not drive a Truck Over The Road if it does not have a King-Air (or other brand) A/C and Heating System that complies with Idle Laws!

* A Laptop with Unlimited Internet is essential and your responsibility.

* A CB and Antenna may be your responsibility.

* You’ll probably want a smart phone!

* If your Company Policy doesn’t object to Conceal Carry (Drive Packing heat) make sure to comply with All State Laws you are driving in. There’s no need to be defenseless!

These are not Creature comforts. That stinking Semi is your Home and these items will make it a Home on Wheels! Don’t Drive a truck without these things if you do not have to!


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