What To Ask A Potential Employer

These are the things I ask Truck Companies and If they answer wrong to one of them I most likely never call them again! 

* Do not Drive for a Company that Goes into New York City

* Ask how often they go into Southern California. Once every Six months is to often for Southern California!

NOTE: When Companies Say, “No Forced Dispatch” you’ll understand what it really means the first time you turn down a Load to New York City or Southern California! They will not honor it and this is a deal breaker! On every Application you fill out make sure to state the Companies you quit were because they were Liars!

* While it lasts, ask if they use Electronic or Paper Logs! Paper Logs will give you wiggle room!

* Find out if they expect you to turn the wrench when the Truck Break Down! Don’t Drive Junk if you don’t have to and don’t be the Mechanic if you don’t have to! You are the Truck Driver!

* Ask About their Rider and Pet Policy! A Dog in the Truck is Companionship and it keeps the DOT Officers and Lock Lizards back!

* Hopefully you will never experience the need to ask this question but there may be times that you run out of luck and you have $1.00 to your name! Now you are starting over with a New Truck Company Broke! Ask the if they have an Advance Policy! My advice is to get through your first run, now you have some pay coming! This is when you ask your New Company for a Cash Advance! Here’s another trick when times are hard. When you fill up the Semi with Fuel get one of those Cards that give you a free Sandwich every five fill ups! Its a Free Meal that will get you through!

* PAY Scales: The More Complicated the Pay Scale, You are going to be ripped off!

* Ask if you will be paid Mileage or Percentage!!!

* Ask about the Company’s Detention and Break Down Pay! If they him and Haw they ain’t worth your time!

* Do not Drive Trucks for a 1099! Drive for a company that pays your Taxes and offers Benefits! 1099 waves your rights as an Employee! 1099 also means the company may pay you $50 a week more but your own Benefits package will cost you $300 a week!

* Ask if the Company offers a Minimum Weekly Guarantee, whether the Truck is rolling or not! This is a good indication of an excellent Company!

* Ask if the Company is Union!

* Unionized Companies usually Pay Better and offer Benefits! You also have better job security, in many cases! Union Work Places have their issues as well!

* Ask the Company if they have Dedicated Runs. Dedicated Runs generally get you home on a set schedule and in many cases daily!

* Ask if the Company has Regional Work and How often you’ll get home!

* You’ll make less money but sleeping in your own bed like a human being is nice!

* I personally will not even entertain the idea of driving for a Company that enters Canada!

* If the Company requires a haz Mat Endorsement ask them if they will give you a Grace Period to get the Endorsement! I personally believe an Haz Mat Endorsement is worth at least $10,000 a year more than an average Trucking Job!

* Ask the Company if they have Pre-Pass for Toll Roads! Driving straight through the Booths saves time and you wont have to worry about being reimbursed for Toll Tickets! 

These questions that you should ask a potential Employer are not going Over Board! You are going to make them a lot of money and you need to have the best Job you can get!


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