Type Of Equipment

When We are looking for a Truck Company to Drive For its vital to understand exactly what’s involved when it comes to type of Trailers the Company Hauls Freight with! 

Dry Vans are the standard, I guess! But if a Company hauls Produce you need to ask if they haul from Warehouses to Stores or Distribution Centers to Multiple Stops! Hauling for a Company that’s regional is way more easier than Picking up Produce, starting in Florida and working your way to Michigan! I hated picking up 15 Stops worth of Produce to get a full load so I could head for Michigan!

Driving for a Major Chain I Pick the Trailer up and head for 4 to 6 stops and its totally different than Picking up Produce from the Farmers!

Don’t kid yourself when it comes to Flatbeds or even Covered Wagon! Those Tarps are a Pain in the rump! Yes, they pay a few more pennies each mile for Tarping but you will figure out why after your first load! Flatbed is usually Steal and when you have a 40,000 lb roll of Steal on the Trailer you’ll understand why its dangerous!

Food Grade Tankers don’t have Baffles and when the Milk begins moving the Slosh will unkink your Collin!

The Type of Freight a Company Hauls is something you need to know about before committing to them as a Driver! If the Haul Bottled Water or Salt I believe ever now and then you’ll have trouble getting your Tandems and Axles to Scale Properly!

For me I will Haul Automotive Freight, whether it Local for a Automotive Company or for a Company with Dedicated Freight to a Automotive Company and Empty Rack Back to the Supplier! 


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