Truck Driving: Pros

When you first get going in your own Truck and you finally figure out how to actually drive Trucks from Lansing, Michigan to Laredo, Texas to Tucson, Arizona and Back to Lansing, Michigan comfortably you will reach a point that Driving Trucks seems like a rewarding Career!

Let’s be honest, I don’t get much thrill from seeing the Country side in Burnt Scrotum, New Mexico! That whole Bull’s Dung line about seeing the country, in my opinion is a load of CRAP!

Living Truck Stop to Truck Stop, never being able to find a Place to park, or Living from Company Parking Lot to Interstate on ramp or Rest Stop only to be chased off still tired isn’t very fun!

Another awesome aspect to Driving Trucks is coming home to an empty home because the Wife couldn’t take it no more!

Driving Trucks is the Loneliest thing I have ever done!

As far a Pay goes, yes, Driving Trucks will provide a Single man or woman enough money to live comfortably! Please notice that I said a Single man or woman!

There is one thing about having a CDL-A, you never have to go Homeless if times get hard! You simply find a company and pass their orientation program, get in their Truck and hit the Road, full Time, and you stay out until you have gotten through the rough times! But this doesn’t work for the Truck Driver that has a Family!


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