Truck Driving: Cons

When looking for A Company to Drive Trucks for I do not approach my Potential Employer with an attitude that reeks of, “I need a job”! I also have the attitude that I’m the one hiring them, not the other way around! Think about this for a minute! You are the one that is going to live in a Semi! You are the Boss and the “Captain Of The Ship”! From this perspective you need to realize You, the Driver are the One that is Interviewing a Company to Hire! As a part of the deal you will be Driving their Trucks and they will give you money on a regular basis!

Now, as many Truck Companies have a hard time at keeping their word you must be prepared to Fire your employer and Hire Another Employer to give you money!

This is the First Negative you must turn into a Positive that works in your favor!


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