Step Two: Set A Goal

If you are Single you have nothing to worry about! Get in the Truck and go for it!

To avoid the Divorce you and your wife need to set realistic goals! This means Financial and Time frames!

* Acquire Your CDL-A

* Get Through the Training Program with your Company

* Stay with your Company long enough to get Driving Experience. This may take up to 2 years!

If you are Married this seems to me to be the only Goals you should try for!

Once you have your Driving experience you need to go home, find a Local Driving Job, or a Regional Driving Job that will get you home every day or on a set schedule!

I drive for a company that keeps its full time drivers out for 5 days and they are home for 2 full days!

The following part of your potential Goals when it comes to Truck Driving is what I personally would do if needed!

* I personally would be prepared to move and I would lay it out as plainly as I could to the wife and Children! We’re talking about the difference between a comfortable lifestyle and poverty!

* This plan is contingent with you acquiring your Truck Driving Experience!

* Look for Automotive Manufacturers within 30 miles of your home! If There aren’t any this is when you need to seriously think about moving to within 10 miles of a General Motors, Ford, Chysler or Toyota Plant! All Of these Companies Outsource the Transportation work to Private Truck Companies! You are going to get hired on with one of these Companies that are responsible for servicing one of these Automotive Assembly Lines!

* A second best best to moving is to look for Trucking Companies that haul Automotive freight from your area to a Automotive Plant or a Automotive Supplier! Many of these company Drivers are on a dedicated run that gets them home every day with weekends off!

* The Third best option is to simply go with a Truck Company that will run you Regionally! One that will keep you out 4 to 5 nights a week and get you home on weekends or at least 2 (48 consecutive hours) days a week!

* The Fourth best option is to find a Truck Company that hauls Automotive Parts from your area to a Automotive Plant and from there you will bring Empty Racks back to your area! I can take dedicated runs from Michigan to Texas and straight back right now! Yes, this will keep you out 4 to 6 days each week but you will no exactly where you are going!

I like Automotive Freight because the Truck Companies generally have the same days off that the Automotive Plants take off!

Right now my Company gives me a deceit Benefits Package, 15 paid Vacation Days, 10 Paid Holidays and I also get the Summer and Winter two week Shutdowns when General Motors takes them!

I make a little more than $30,000 a year and have plenty of time off!

This is the Goals I would tell All new Truck Drivers to Aim For!

I hope I have explained my position clearly!

This plan is extremely doable!

I personally drive full time for One Company and Part Time for a Second company! It gets tricky keeping up with the 70 hour rule but the point is I drive Locally and during the week I drive 8 hours a day and on the weekends I drive 11 hours a day! On good weeks my two checks equal $1,100!

Don’t let anyone tell you that Over The Road is where the real money is! You can sleep in your bed every night, with your wife, but you may have to move!

The preferred mode of Truck Driving is Driving for a Company that Pays an Hourly rate, hopefully with overtime!

Even at $12 an hour a Driver can make $1,020 a week with a 70 hour work week! If you have little to no overtime you can take a second driving job with companies that Service companies like Aldi’s, Meijers, Save-A-Lot, Wal-Mart and so on!


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