Rider / Pet Policy

If you are like me you will not go out over the road without a Dog! Generally Speaking taking the Wife out with you is great but its not practical on a long term basis! You’ll probably have children or she will want to be near family! Now if you can convince your wife to get a CDL-A you can drive as a Team and make the Big Bucks!

Don’t think that taking your girl friend out with you will make Truck Driving fun! She will be bored out of her skull after 2 days! Then is when you will really be convinced she is By-Polar!

A Dog is totally different. Yep, it’ll be bored but in a split second it’ll be jumping up and down with excitement because you are pulling into a Truck Stop or Rest Area!

The thing about having a Dog with you is it will keep the DOT at arms length and people tend to leave you alone in the Truck Stops!

Another excellent Aspect to having a Pet with you is companionship! I personally Believe a Dog will help to keep your Blood Pressure down! You’ll have no option but to stop the rig every 4 hours and let the little guy have a Rest Stop Break! This forces you to take a Break as well!

A Cat isn’t a bad pet to take with you either! I took a Big Black Cat with me for Years! You don’t have to Stop the Truck and Walk Them! I had the Clumping Kitty Litter so it was real easy keeping the Cat Happy and the Truck Clean!

Show some common Sense! Don’t take a Saint Bernard in a Semi! That does get into Animal Cruelty (kinda)!


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