Preventive Maintenance: Tickets

All Truck Drivers can not take a chance when it comes to Tickets while driving over the road! Yes, on the one hand some may call it extortion but when you think about the price you’ll pay for the Legal Services that take care of your Ticket you can only conclude that it money well spent!

I hate the idea of spending $1,800 a year, year after year for Car Insurance but the Two Deer Strike claims I had more that paid for 3 years worth of Auto-insurance payments!

While driving over the road lets say you get a Speeding ticket in Florida! Living in Michigan makes it impractical to actually contest the Ticket in Florida’s Court System! The Legal Services the following Links offers handle much of your legal problems associated with Tickets while engaged in Over The Road Truck Driving!

My understanding of the process is as follows! I get a Speeding Ticket in Texas while living in Michigan! The Trucker’s Legal Service I’m a Member of Appears in court on my behalf, if needed and they will usually get the Ticket Plea Bargained down to a lesser Violation or removed completely!

I’ve never used any of these services but have talked to people that have and all of them say its worth the money they spend for the service!

Some of these links are Legal Services and others are Membership Services!

Just do a Google Search for Truck Drivers Legal Assistance or Help with Tickets!


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