Interstate or Local

Another important factor to consider when hiring on with a Company is the Working Conditions and Environment! Intrastate, Interstate, Local, Regional and Canada are key Factors in deciding on the Type of Trucking one will do!

Interstate Trucking can be everything from Driving Locally, Crossing State Lines, Driving in all 48 Continental States and Driving into Canada!

Intrastate is Driving the Big Rigs in your Home State!

Regional Truck Driving is when you generally drive a Specific Region of the Country, like the Great Lakes States!

I wish I could tell you One Type Truck Driving pays more than the next but my experience has been they all pay the same!

I personally, if I had to, would rather drive Regionally over Over the Road!

The preferred mode of Truck Driving is Driving for a Company that Pays an Hourly rate, hopefully with overtime!

Even at $12 an hour a Driver can make $1,020 a week with a 70 hour work week! If you have little to no overtime you can take a second driving job with companies that Service companies like Aldi’s, Meijers, Save-A-Lot, Wal-Mart and so on!



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