Haz Mat Certification

The Hoops you will have to jump through to acquire your Haz Mat endorsement means you are worth at least $10,000 a year more, at least that’s my Opinion! The Transportation Industry doesn’t agree with me so what can one do?

Let’s make it clear, a TEN Year Background Check for Criminal Activity, Finger Printing to register the Driver and a Serious DMV Test for Hazardous Materials is going to cost you over $200!

When I went into the United States Air Force to Load Nuclear Weapons (Which I can neither confirm or deny exist) on the F-111 I went through a TEN Year FBI Background Check!

You don not have to Drive Hazardous Material for $600 a week unless it’s a Job to get you Experience to Haul Serious Hazardous materials!

Hot Freight pays real Good!

Companies that force their Drivers to have a Hazardous Material Endorsement are using the Drivers because when a Driver has added Responsibilities they should be paid appropriately!


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