Common Scams

Its not that Driving Schools are a Scam but they are pumping out so many Truck Drivers that actual think they are going to start making $50,000 a year! Then when its all said and done only a small percentage of the Driving School Graduates actually make it in Transportation!

Truck Driving Schools are going to Paint a Picture that will make you think you are B. J. and the Bear, driving around the Country, a new place every day, having fun, picking up chicks and helping out those in trouble!

This is not how it works!

After a Student Driver graduates from Driver School he generally finds himself in the Passenger seat of one of the Big Company Trucks, as a Trainee / Second Seat Driver! This part is legit but the part that I disagree with is the First Seat Driver (Trainer) is making $1,500 or more each week as the Trainee (Second Seat Driver) is making $300 – $400 a week, starving as he sends every penny back to his Family for 3 month or more! The Trainee is doing half the Driving and the Truck is basically running in a Team Operation!

Now, to be fair, every single time I have driven with a Partner I absolutely did not trust them! It would take 3 days before I was so tired I passed out and slept as they drove!

The Trainers (First Seat Drivers) are worth the pay the receive! They really are putting their lives on the line training Truck Driving School Graduates!

Do I have a solution to the Company’s Profit Loss if they pay the Trainee for half the Work, which means the Trainer takes a pay cut? No I do not!

The point is, Truck Driving Graduates are going to pay a price getting into their own assigned equipment!

I understand that Hourly Pay with Time and a Half after 40 hours is not a part of Trucking (Its Called The EXEMPTION), but Mileage / Percentage Pay often results in State Sponsored extortion / Scamming that screws the Driver!


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