Biblical Fellowship

Believers in Jesus (Yeshua, Yehoshua) need Fellowship and we have a Social Network and other Internet Resources to help Truck Drivers cope with Over The Road Truck Driving!

The following Link takes you to details of the Schoolmaster (Torah Scroll) Bible Study! This Bible Study is the Most Awesome Bible Study a person can do, to restore Repentance’s Foundation.

The Schoolmaster Bible Study is the most Awesome Bible Study a person can do, short of learning how to read and write Hebrew and Greek!

Unlike other Bible Studies a person does this study 100% on their own! You don’t need my opinion because I know that you know how to read, and that’s half the battle! When you start reading all you have to do is simply take you time and categorize each subject as you go!

I’m asking $8.00 for the PDF which you print out yourself!

If I print out and Bind the Schoolmaster for you I’ll have to ask for $68.75!

Please take a look at the Files to see more information about the Schoolmaster!


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