Transportation’s Integrity

In the United States of America we are taught our Nation is the greatest Nation on Earth and I ain’t disputing that! I remember parts of Elementary School, Junior High and High School and it seems like we were lead to believe America was on a gradual rise of getting better and better! You know, one day everyone would have a Jet Pack to travel with, there would be no hunger and Homelessness would be a thing of the past!

Well, reality is a female dog!

There is one thing that I don’t accept as a part of reality, and that is the lack of Integrity in the Transportation Sector!

Is there really a need to outright lie to potential employees? I say there isn’t!

This is the United States of America. We were the deciding factor in WW II, we did the Berlin Airlift, We walked on the Moon, we had Skylab and the Space Shuttles! A person and or Group of people that has the determination and no how to build up a Trucking Company and they have to use their God given abilities in a way that scams their employees! Something is wrong with this picture! If this is what’s needed then America is done! I personally believe Companies do not have to be Morally bankrupt!

Even in Unionized Transportation Workplaces Integrity is Sacrificed for control (not Profit)!

It seems to me much of America’s Business Sector is operating based on Loop Holes in the Law! We all have a general idea of the Spirit And Intent Of The Law and just because we sit around a table and find loop holes in the Law that allow us to Break the Law doesn’t change the fact that we are dirt bag Law Breakers screwing the little guy!

I say we Americans are better than this! Think about it!


2 thoughts on “Transportation’s Integrity”

  1. I just went to the O.O.I.D.A’s web site! Here is a excerpt from their about page!
    “For over 40 years the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association has been fighting for the rights of all professional truckers.
    We are proud of our history of effective representation, and as we grow, we will continue to fight for our members’ best interests in new and more powerful ways.”
    Truck Drivers have not been represented properly, in my opinion! Yep, this Site states they are fighting for All Drivers, but come on, it says, Owner Operators!
    Let’s take a look at some of the scams being perpetrated on Truck Drivers!
    1. Mileage Pay: Truck Drivers get paid Mileage pay, Book Miles minus some, not Hub Miles!
    2. Companies that have set routes don’t even pay the Mileage for their set routes!
    3. Detention Pay: 1/2 hour to 2 hour no pay! Many Companies tell the Drivers, “Well, that’s Trucking”, and there is no Detention Pay!
    4. Break Down Pay: Same as Detention Pay!
    5. Most companies I drove for would forget to pay the Tolls back to me!
    6. All Companies ask the Driver if they can bring the Load in knowing;
    A. They are out of hours.
    B. They can’t scale the Load because it’s over weight.
    7. Two weeks out for two days off, and you know that means the time off is not a minimum of 48 hours!
    8. The outright lies about the Driver’s Weekly (Potential) Pay!
    9. The Unionized Companies I’ve drove for, well, they have their issues as well!
    This is the type of Representation the American Truck Driver is getting!
    Is it any wonder Our Government wants Mexican Trucks Crossing the Border! It’s pure profit for the Corporations and we all know the price of food and commodities are not going to come down!
    Alright, that’s is it, lol, until my next rant! lol

  2. Friends I now have to work (14 hour days) 2 night each week (Starting 1 July, 2013) and take my 34 recap on the same day every week! Right now I’m running 5/6 days a week, 8 hours a day at my full time job and 11 hours a day on Sat and or Sun! When I’m getting close to the 70 hours I just leave work early mon – fri / Sat! Those that claim to be Lobbying for America’s Truck Drivers, where have they been as my fellow drivers are getting a 90 day physical card because there necks are 1/2 inch to big! The driver I’m talking about is not unhealthy or a risk to the public while driving trucks! Come on, a ½ inch oversized neck doesn’t qualify for Americans With Disability and if a Driver can’t pass the DOT Physical why haven’t those Claiming to Lobby for Americans Truck Drivers challenged the Constitutionality of these DOT Physical Regulations?
    I remember 15 years ago as the industry was talking about electronic logs and all I could think about was “Two Log Books and Loose Leaf Logs”, electronic logs will make drivers loose 1/3 rd of their driving each week! Then out of nowhere the THEY raised the speed limit! All of a sudden Truck Drivers were making considerably more money! And now, they come down with these latest regulations and brag that drivers will no longer have the ability to work 82 hours in a week! This whole thing reeks of Manipulation! Notice I only work 65 to 69 hours a week!
    I know this, I feel like the Mexican Drivers have more respect from our government than Us American Drivers! You can show me checking out this organization!
    The CSA rating, uhgggg! Alright, I’m done!
    I want real results, not regulations that benefit Mexico and the Corporations and I do not believe this will result in a profit loses to the corporations!

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