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Every time a Policeman pulls us over in the car many Americans now remember the words from that youtube Video where the guy is screaming, “Don’t Tazer Me Bro”! The bad part is these kind of instances are probably 1 in 100,000 occurrences where a cop crosses a line, making it look like all Cops are bad! We know this isn’t the case!
I can tell you this, I have taken a local Truck Driving Job for the last Ten Years because Every Time I have been pulled into the Scale House it feels Like I’m being accused of selling Cocaine when all I’m trying to do is to comply with the Letter, Spirit and Intent of the Law!
I’ve passed a Ten Year Back Ground Check, Physical and massive Amounts of Training only to be treated like a Criminal with no rights by the DOT!
A 22 year old punk with a 9 mil on his hip addressing me like I’m intentionally breaking the law, when everyone knows the Companies are forcing most Truck Drivers to break the law!
Yes, the Driver is breaking the law, but its called Coercion on the part of the Dispatch office and the Driver needs the job!