HOS Final Rule: This Really Is Something


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This is some pretty serious stuff!



Truck Driver Beaten For Refusing To Sign Ticket


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Every time a Policeman pulls us over in the car many Americans now remember the words from that youtube Video where the guy is screaming, “Don’t Tazer Me Bro”! The bad part is these kind of instances are probably 1 in 100,000 occurrences where a cop crosses a line, making it look like all Cops are bad! We know this isn’t the case!
I can tell you this, I have taken a local Truck Driving Job for the last Ten Years because Every Time I have been pulled into the Scale House it feels Like I’m being accused of selling Cocaine when all I’m trying to do is to comply with the Letter, Spirit and Intent of the Law!
I’ve passed a Ten Year Back Ground Check, Physical and massive Amounts of Training only to be treated like a Criminal with no rights by the DOT!
A 22 year old punk with a 9 mil on his hip addressing me like I’m intentionally breaking the law, when everyone knows the Companies are forcing most Truck Drivers to break the law!
Yes, the Driver is breaking the law, but its called Coercion on the part of the Dispatch office and the Driver needs the job!


Trucking Laws: Nighttime Driving


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I looked in Youtube for Truck Driver Advocacy Groups and I couldn’t find nothing but stuff like this! This guy is 100% right but I’m getting the impression, after visiting his web site that he is out to represent the Victims of Accidents because a Truck Driver Screwed up! If I’m wrongs I apologize now!
I personally would like to see Lawyers organize Truck Drivers into Class Action Law Suits against Truck Companies that strong arm their drivers (coercion) into Driving Tired or illegal!
That actually the kind of Video I was looking for on Youtube and this was the best one I could find???


Facing Unemployment, More Turn To Truck Driving


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This Video is telling enough Truth to make it sound real good! But anyone that has driving the Big Rig for any length of time knows this Video is also leaving out enough information to make a sucker out of a whole lot of People!
Please notice how the News is painting a Fresh Start for the Unemployed! The trucking Industry is a Scam!

Truck drivers Standing Together!


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Truck Driving in America, from what I can tell is one of the last Employment Opportunities open to people who do not have College Degrees, or even High School Diplomas!

Truck Driving can even be said to be an Art, an Art that is slowly becoming something else?

We American Truck Drivers have no option but to join together in an attempt to save what Integrity is left in America’s Transportation System!

Together, with realistic goals we can save one of the last Skilled Trades in America, for Americans!

Realistic Goals is what we are going to begin with!

The first place we need to begin at is the never ending changing Regulations! Someone simply changes the Law out from under us with new Regulations that declare Sleep Apnea and an One Half Inch over sized neck as a reason to deny and restrict the Dot Physical Card!

Then there is the fact that for decades Interstate Truck Drivers drove based on the 8 Day / 70 hour rule, and out of nowhere someone simply changed it to a 34 hour Recap! Now, on 1 July, 2013 that same someone is taking away American Truck Driver’s right to drive 82 hour a week with a 34 hour Recap!

Then There’s the time the Truckin Bozo was declaring the New DOT Physicals were designed to knock out 300,000 American Truck Drivers giving the Government the Justification to Allow Mexican Trucks to Drive the United States!

How about the CSA laws! American Truck Drivers have to comply with Automobile Regulation, Truck Driving Regulations and Now CSA ratings! Here I thought Double Jeopardy was illegal! I guess Triple Jeopardy isn’t!

Every single time I have talked to Other drivers about this dilemma they tell about this organization, or that one and I simply ask, “Where are they and what are they actually doing for the American Truck Driver”? To this day All I have seen is a stunned look as they declare, “Well, nothing that I can see”!

Now I ain’t being argumentative when I ask my questions! The way I see things the Homosexuals, Indian Tribes (for Gambling) and Abortion Rights Activists are all Lobbying Congress to have Laws Passed that favor their political positions!

Truck Drivers In America are the first line of Defense for American Truck Driving Jobs, for Working Conditions, Pay and Inegrity in the Business and if Lobbying for basic standards is needed its time to get started!

Sarge is looking out for you!